Things I Read (and Loved) This Week

Books and laptop with flowers

Every week for my job, I read tons of articles about food — many of which deserve to be shared! Here are some of my favorite pieces of food writing from this past week.

  1. David Chang of Momofuku explains the timeline of the massive ramen boom in New York City — and why ramen isn’t what it used to be. [Lucky Peach]
  2. As a former vegan, I appreciated Mark Bittman’s take on the food that’s said to be one of the cruelest animal products. [New York Times]
  3. Bourdain Market is set to be the new Happiest Place on Earth, with an assortment of food stalls hand-picked by Anthony (No surprise, Xi’an Famous Foods is slated to the be first). [Eater]
  4. An incredibly helpful guide to the Geographical Indicators on food (Spoiler: Parmesan knock-offs are rarely from Italy). [Food52]
  5. A story about the mother of all peanut butters — and a man who loved it. [New York Times]