Stirred, Not Shaken: Batchable Summer Cocktails


After years of ordering anything on a cocktail menu that contains egg white or the words “pisco” and/or “sour,” I declared myself a qualified at-home mixologist. I can cook eggs every which way, so I should be able to mix them into a drink. Right?

When my boyfriend supported this insane idea by buying me a home cocktail kit, I got set creating the drink of my dreams with the works: bitters, egg, crushed ice, and fresh herbs. In the end, my concoction better resembled a muscle man’s badly blended breakfast shake (read: drippy raw egg, everywhere) than the foamy, minty goblet I’d envisioned.

Taking a few steps back, I decided to create some cocktails appropriate for my level of experience (somewhere above a rum and coke, but below anything with egg or vigorous shaking).

Here are four cocktails that are easy to make at home (but clean up nicely with a wedge of lime and a salted rim). Oh, and the best part? They’re batchable – just in time for Labor Day!


Add the following ingredients, and stir… Easy enough to keep you making them well into your evening!

The Paloma
2 ½ oz. Tequila (or Vodka)
Izzy Grapefruit Soda

Basil Gimlet
1 ½ oz. Gin
3 Large Basil Leaves
Lime Soda

Rosey Gin Fizz
2 oz. Gin
Sugared Lemon
Elderflower Rose Lemonade

Rum Julep
2 oz. Rum
Mint Leaves
Sprite or Soda Water with Simple Syrup