8 Hours in Central Park

Singers at Belvedere Castle in Central Park

As an Olmsted devotee, it’s strange to think that when I first moved to New York I was completely averse to the idea of Central Park. From the outside it looked to me like a jungle contained by daunting stone walls, and I was sure that the inside would resemble a cold cinderblock garden. But after moving three blocks away from Central Park East, I took the cue from morning runners veering left into the gates at 86th street, and followed them to the reservoir that serves as the center of the park. In just one run, the park won me over, which is why last weekend I took advantage of the cooling weather, and took my time wandering through the entire park.

This 8 Hour Guide will convert even the most fervent C.P. non-believers to picnicking turtle-ogling Park lovers.

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