Boozy Jams: Add Wine to Your Preserves


I have no idea how it happened, but apparently it’s September. And while that means beautiful Fall foliage and an excuse to wear my uniform of boots and cashmere sweaters everyday, it also means that my favorite fruits are going out of season! While I may not be able to add strawberries to everything, I can at least preserve them as a jam to pop open when the seasons change. In searching for jam recipes, I found one that combines two of my favorite ingredients: raspberries and rosé.

After testing and loving the recipe, I used the same proportions on other fruits and discovered my affinity for boozy jams. The best part? It’s incredibly easy. While I’d always associated jamming with spending long laborious days slaying over the stove and mason jars in an apron, I learned that a small batch can take as few as twenty minutes!

Using the same proportion as the recipe, here are some other combinations to try:

Blueberries and Red Wine
Peaches and White Wine