Stirred, Not Shaken: Batchable Summer Cocktails


After years of ordering anything on a cocktail menu that contains egg white or the words “pisco” and/or “sour,” I declared myself a qualified at-home mixologist. I can cook eggs every which way, so I should be able to mix them into a drink. Right?

When my boyfriend supported this insane idea by buying me a home cocktail kit, I got set creating the drink of my dreams with the works: bitters, egg, crushed ice, and fresh herbs. In the end, my concoction better resembled a muscle man’s badly blended breakfast shake (read: drippy raw egg, everywhere) than the foamy, minty goblet I’d envisioned.

Taking a few steps back, I decided to create some cocktails appropriate for my level of experience (somewhere above a rum and coke, but below anything with egg or vigorous shaking).

Here are four cocktails that are easy to make at home (but clean up nicely with a wedge of lime and a salted rim). Oh, and the best part? They’re batchable – just in time for Labor Day!

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Out with the Old

IMG_0722 copy

Life has been a little crazy this summer. In May, I graduated college (along with over 1.5 million other students), moved to New York, and am currently interning at an online food magazine while interviewing for cookbook editorial positions (I am as “foodie” as they come). While I’ve had several other blogs, I want one that will capture all of the controlled chaos that comes with being a post-grad – and all of the food I eat and make! And with the summer ending, what better a time than now? I hope you enjoy it!